Black & Gold

A blinging statement in Black & Gold. Sleek, crafted blazers for sure you will enter any event in style. This Twisted Tailor Paladino Jacket is a twisted take on the classic black tuxedo jacket; adorned with a metallic gold floral print that flows down from the shoulders to the chest, it's the perfect piece to add some personality into black-tie dress codes. The soft-touch velvet construction means that you'll have all eyes and hands on you all night.

Another one from Twisted Tailor is the Volpi Black And Gold Blazer that is adorned with black and gold printed lapels and pocket detailing; so if you get your hands on it, you'll have a true trophy sitting in your wardrobe. Cut to our signature shape, this skinny fit blazer creates a sharp silhouette which compliments the wide shawl lapels and subtle detailing.

The velvet suit is already a top choice for a party suit if you're aiming to win 'Best Dressed', this Kaye Skinny Fit Black Velvet Suit Jacket will almost guarantee that the title is yours. Adorned with a metallic gold print and trimmed with wide contrasting shawl lapels, this black velvet jacket will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe this party season.

The Gatsby Jacket is the perfect piece for you. Classical tailoring details are combined with all-over black and gold sequins arranged in to an eye-catching design, creating the party piece of the season.
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