Black & White

Black & White has been a timeless fashion style that over the years has it's fluid evolution.

Create this compact look with this Twisted Tailor White New Ellroy Hemmingway Skinny Fit Suit Jacket.  It's keen and neat that gives you that well put together vibe.  If you are going for a bit of an edgy style, get this Twisted Tailor New Ellroy Hemmingway Skinny Fit Waistcoat which gives you that slickness with it's horseshoe shape detail accentuating your upper body frame.  Put on this Jack Martin London Double Cuff Slim Fit Business & Dress Shirt which goes seamlessly well with either of them, it's texture and understated pattern is very elegant.  Perfect this outfit with this signature Twisted Tailor Figaro Skinny Fit Black Dress Trousers, the subtle contrast side stripe goes smoothly well with the flow from top to bottom.

Put on a pair of this must-have Moss London Hatchon Patent Brogue Dress Shoes, and charm it up with these carefuly curated accesories starting with this classic Vnox Tungsten Carbide Black Band Ring which makes a solid statement piece matching with an intricate item like this Fenical Flower Shape Lapel Pin and top it off with an all-time favourite Brixton Hat Tiller Fedora and you might be the next trend-setter.

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