Duke + Dexter

Brace yourself for this exclusive loafer selection by Exclusive Mr, with a footwear choice to complete every look. Featuring the best loafers from iconic, handmade in England brand Duke + Dexter.

Starting with this show-stopping Duke Racing Print Loafer inspired by the excitement and liveliness of racing, this is a must-have for that edgy and casual look or to give your plain look a pop of colour and print.

A pair of loafers with a modern vibe. This is exactly what you are getting with this slick Duke Volt Camo Loafer with its geometric detail and a little pop of orange peeking through the camo print, perfect to pair up with your ordinary black trousers or shorts to give your look a nice twist of pattern and design. Another one from the camo print range is the Duke Stormtrooper Camo Loafer with the classic white, grey and black blended perfectly together to have that fun yet sophisticated element you can add into your whole look.

Carrying on with this Duke Quartz Camo Loafer which is not only perfect for your black items but also with your neutrals and almost everything, this pair gives you the versatility you are looking for to complete any look. This deeper toned brown Duke Stealth Camo Loafer that adds mystery and elegance at the same time, just like the other camo prints, it is versatile, on-trend and most of all high fashion-themed you will be sure to grab everyone's attention without even trying.

Be daring and grab this Duke Bullish Blue Loafer that has an amazing shade of blue, giving a luxury effect with vibrance. The intricate red detail adds a perfect amount of definition to the design, completing your look with a sharp touch. Your wardrobe will be completed with this Duke Pyramid Black Loafer with luxurious colour and unique embossed matte print, it is like your sophistication is speaking through the shoes you are wearing. Now you better get this Duke Pyramid Navy Loafer as it just has such a unique and elegant colour perfect for all occasions, especially big events and parties. Its deep navy colour along with its slick design will make a statement as you enter the scene.