Giuseppe Zanotti Swag

This special edition is perfect for all seasons and occasions.  Exclusive Mr is bringing you this carefully curated shoe collection, from the luxury brand Giuseppe Zanotti. Featuring all kinds of styles and moods ready for that special event, or even just to kick off a regular day.

Start to level up with this iconic Frankie sneakers with its low-top laminated ochre leather and crocodile pattern which you can get in either gold or pink colour, adding that strong character into your look or a cool twist with this White Crocodile which gives you that winter vibes. The combination of colours and shades of white and light grey is stunning and neat accentuating gold zip making it stand out more, this simply shows that small details make the massive difference.- untamed but not aggressive.

Be that notable person at the party and pull off some glitter. Show your confidence with this pair of Frankie sneakers that has a deep and mysterious shade of blue, brilliant with an elegant and casual look you are going for with a spark - unique and slick.

If you are looking for that elegance with the right amount of spark then this Tylor Gold Plate is the one for you, its low top design makes it very versatile and you can wear in any type of look from casual or to an event. The combination of texture give the colour black smooth transition and blends well together, it is so slick you look almost royalty. - sophistication with a touch of bling.

Time to let go of all inhibitions and go full-on with this Frankie low-top black and red python print, with its robust design it almost amplifies your confidence and let you step into the scene effortlessly stealing the spotlight. - Strong and stylish.

Another one from the Frankie range is this Frankie Steel. It is low top and with its leather material gives you the chance to come up with any look you are going for without having to worry about how to finish it. The intricate touch of the golden metal toe cap is an accent just enough to catch attention as you enter the party, a brilliant pair that should be a wardrobe staple and you must have while it still available. - accentuated versatility.

And last but certainly not the least, is this Frankie Crocodile Print in red which is perfect for the upcoming festivities especially Christmas. A bright pop of colour and an irresistible shade of red that will surely stand out as you enjoy the holidays.