Guide to Jean Fits

An Exclusive Mr. guide to jean fits. Sometimes, going skinny just doesn’t seem like your style, and trust us we get that, Skinny Cuts aren’t for everyone.  

Back in the day, Exclusive Mr never gave that much thought to adjusting the look or cut of their jeans and wore their bottoms quite baggy. It was only when we decided to start really exploring the full range of combinations that jeans allowed that we finally moved from original fit jeans, through to straight, and slim, before settling on skinny fit.

So, here’s our definitive Exclusive Mr Guide to jean cuts and how each one works on your transition from baggy to skinny, and maybe even back again.


Where it all began, original cuts can be a little outdated but can be great when it comes to prioritising casual style over a unified look. Getting a pair may not earn you any points when it comes to original looks, pairing them with a slick and stylish French tuck and half-roll can add a bit of flair to every outfit.

The workhorse of the jean world, while these lack the impact of skinny cuts, they will pair with almost everything – letting you pop on a blazer and wear them to the office or stick on a white shirt and hit the bar. When it comes to going straight, take the time to mix and match, and you may be surprised by what amazing look you end up bringing to the table.

Now the rubber hits the road. Slim cut jeans eliminate excess fabric and cultivate a confident sleek look, providing definition around the calf and thigh. While they may be a little more restrictive than a straight or boot cut, what these lack in mobility they more than make up in flexibility, letting you match them with a range of outfits all year round.

Stretch Slim:
If you’re planning to be on the move or hitting the festival circuit, settling on a stretch slim can give you the flexibility to pogo with the best of them or get cross-legged in the grass and share a cider amongst friends. Not quite skinny, not quite straight; these are the perfect opportunity to see what style works best for your physique and lifestyle.

Unquestionably the Exclusive Mr style of choice, Skinny cuts are great for accentuating the work you’ve put in at the gym and avoid some of the excess fabric that can plague looser styles. Providing that they’re made from quality fabric, these can be super durable, comfortable, and provide the confidence that only the finest skinny cuts can truly lend.

Stretch Skinny:
A concession to your lifestyle – maintaining mass requires hard work and, if you’ve got a busy job and little free time, stretch can match the expanding or shrinking body shape. While Exclusive Mr can recommend that going bright blue can be a perfect peacocking move, landing on lighter colours or washed out tones can help break up the patterning on your outfit and bring quiet cool without looking for it.

Super Skinny:
No longer the bastion of the courageous, going super skinny is a great option if you’ve been hitting the gym, are average sized, or a little lighter. Amazingly chic, these will almost always be made from high-grade stretch denim and combine tailored closeness with flexibility and durability. Roll up your ends and pair with bright white trainers, and you have the beginnings of an exceptional look.

Super Skinny Stretch:
If you want all the impact of a skinny cut…but are happy to cheat just a little, going for super skinny stretch will provide a powerful outline without having to worry about damaging the fabric or restricted mobility. Exclusive Mr would always recommend matching the closeness of the cut with a longer jacket can help provide a slick contrast, additional layering…and somewhere to keep your phone.

Spray-on Skinny:
Truly for the bravest amongst us, spray-on skinny may not be for everyone but finding an outfit that works with them guarantees a lasting impression. Sourcing a pair with high-waisted pockets can accentuate your outline and deliver a strong silhouette, especially when paired with a pair of chunky boots or monochromatic sneakers. Think streamlined, suave, and striking.

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