Mr Grey

Step into the scene with this stylish, executive inspired look perfect for any formal and professional event.

Starting with this signature Twisted Tailor Weber Slim Fit Grey Suit Jacket that gives you that nice cut framing that figure you have been working on, with it's smooth slim fit accentuating especially the shoulders and the light yet sharp shade of grey that gives this look a gentle touch on the classic Peaky Blinders vibe. Pair it with the Twisted Tailor Sacred Blue Skinny Fit Double Breasted Waistcoat With Red Overcheck that provides a perfect contrast in pattern against the suit jacket while having the balance from this Twisted Tailor Weber Slim Fit Grey Suit Trousers along with this must-have Twisted Tailor Westwood Skinny fit White Double Cuff Shirt with Cufflinks that provides that excellent canvas for the entire look.

Put on a pair of ASOS Black Wide Fit Brogue Boots Leather With Natural Sole that provides comfort with it's wide fit and style all at the same time with it's brogue details and slim toe, and finish it off with the Peaky Blinders 'Newsboy' Style Flat Cap and you can see yourself possibly be one of the newest member of the Shelby clan.