Dressing up for that next big occasion is definitely something one has to put some thought on, with Exclusive Mr, you are allowed to skip that stage and go straight into putting on your perfect look and make heads turn as you make your entrance. The perfect shirt is one of the key items in your outfit that makes that first statement as you walk into the crowd, so here are the top picks for you to choose from.

Starting with this Twisted Tailor Massimo Skinny Fit Black Printed Shirt, it adds some flair into your formal wear indeed with it's silver metallic print trimmed with a silver collar bar with the Twisted Tailor branded rivets. Having this festive shirt is the best way to start with the party themed outfit you are bound to pull off with those confidence within you.

For a more romantic and enough amount of dramatic effect on your look, this Twisted Tailor Sixx Blue Skinny Fit Shirt With Floral Print is the absolute perfect choice, the way the colour fades from dark to light with along witht he floral print gives that smooth and sleek transition and a little bit of story-telling for the eyes.

If you are looking to add some character and detail on your simple look, staying on trend and edgy yet not compromising class and elegance, having this Twisted Tailor Kember Skinny Fit Black Floral Shirt is the go-to shirt you have been looking for. It's faded floral print against the sark colour is a clever take on a regular black shirt.

And this Twited Tailor Sixx Skinny Fit Black Shirt With Pink Floral Print is the perfect shirt if you want to go for a more season-themed look. The pop of colour in different shades if of pink is the ultimate eye catching piece, the contrast between the colours is an artistic take in your whole look.