Street Couture 3

Adding a twist into a regular street style can be achieved with this look Exclusive Mr has put together just for you. It is essential that while you feel comfortable in what you wear, you are also able to maintain your personality and sophistication to come through your looks. This slick urban style with a touch of high-fashion couture can easily be achieved by having these carefully selected items that you should have in your wardrobe.

Get this Prevu Core Signature Charcoal P Crew Neck Sweat Shirt and pair it with a matching Prevu Charcoal Core Signature P Pant and put on this Mallet Grey Metal Clip Sock Runner. You will notice the consistency in colour and design achieving that suave and edgy look.

Another option is this stylish and mysterious look with the Prevu Black Core Signature P Pull Over Hoody pair it with the Prevu Black Core Signature P Pant and put on this Mallet Black Metal Clip Sock Runner. A unique take on a traditional jumper and joggers combo, by adding a touch of high-end fashion design.

What makes these selection of items and looks fantastic, is the versatility within it. To add a bit of play, is to mix and match them together, Either switch up your grey sweatshirt with the black hoody, or the black sock runner with the grey one, it all depends on you. Remember, fashion has no bounderies or limits and you can make sure whatever your choice is, as long you have this selection, you may as well be one of the trend-setters this fashion season.