The Difference Between Fitted and Unfitted Clothes

When it comes to making the biggest impact with your outfit, there is no better move that boosts your look than avoiding unflattering, unfitted cuts of clothes.  

To help highlight this, let’s take a look at the suave Exclusive Mr. way of handling the two base styles below and see what a difference choosing a fitted outfit makes, even in the abstract. Starting with:

Look 1 - Business Style
Making a good impression in your work can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. If you want a look that’s always on point, we at Exclusive Mr. always recommend taking a close look at the shoulders, sleeves and trouser legs to help secure the perfect fit. When it comes to doubling up your suits for special events, weddings, or interviews - choosing a fitted item makes a massive difference. 

Shoulders: Choosing a fitted look creates a straight line and removes rounding that can make even the best-looking suit ‘hang’ on your body. 

Sleeves: A closer fit removes the excess material from your jacket preventing a ‘worn in’ look, letting you stay suave even if you’re five minutes off the plane.

Thigh: If you truly want to stand out the Exclusive Mr. way, choosing a fitted cut will help accentuate your leg muscles and prevent a boxy look – letting you show off hard spent time in the gym and unmistakably cultivating a suave silhouette.

Break: As with a close cut on your thigh, this prevents fabric pooling at the bottom of your shoes. 

Length: Possibly the biggest advantage on our list, a neat length gives the chance to let your shoes shine and provide neat definition between your footwear and clothing.

Look 2 – Smart Casual
A versatile addition to any man’s outfit, this look is easily mixed, matched and modified. This brings a huge degree of flexibility to your wardrobe and lets you look amazing at a moment’s notice. If you want that next-level Exclusive Mr. look, remember that pairing fitted clothes helps provide unity to your appearance. This makes sure that - even on your worst day - you can pull on a classy outfit and guarantee an exceptional first impression.


Some of these advantages include:

Shoulders: As with a fitted suit, accentuating your shoulders is incredibly helpful and important - providing a neat line that carries down your frame.

Sleeves: Fitted sleeves are an absolute must if you’re going smart. This gives the eye something to look at with a hint of shirt sleeve, breaking up a single-toned jacket.

Thigh: Pairing a fitted pair of trousers with any look is essential. Choosing an unflattering, frumpy amount of excess fabric will eliminate any definition and ruin the unity of even the most expensive outfit.

Break: Losing definition in your calves and lower legs is a death sentence for any outfit. Always aim to eliminate as much excess material and frump as possible to retain a controlled, classy look.

Length: Put simply, excess length is an unforgivable sin for smart casual wear. Choosing a shorter, close cut helps boost your calves and give your footwear a chance to shine.

If you want to learn more unique Exclusive Mr. tricks to help you look your best and do it in style, check out the rest of our articles. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more or share some amazing examples you’ve stumbled across in your search for a quality look.


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